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At Blue Trans Cargo & Logistic, we literally live and abide by our motto - 'We carry your Trust'. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable and environment-friendly transportation solutions that deliver the highest levels of quality and satisfaction to our clients and partners.
We want to be the best logistics service provider where complete customer satisfaction is our prime objective. We strive to meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients. Our highly competent and reliable solutions are aimed at forging long-lasting partnerships with our customers. We value our manpower and train them to work with team spirit.


To emerge as the front-runner and bell-weather Transport company with a proven commitment to redefine excellence in every facet of the business. We strive to develop and maintain a world-class infrastructure through high-quality professional service and best ethical practices in the industry. We are committed to recognize and reward our people to ensure employee satisfaction, which will in turn drive consumer loyalty leading to sustainable profit growth and improved company value.
Our special emphasis is on becoming the undisputed leader in the country by providing uncompromising logistics solutions to our esteemed clients. Bridging the gap between 'Indian and International practices and standards' is high on our priority list.
As reliable partners to our clients, we offer tailor-made and innovative transport solutions across the frontiers. The exceptionally high-quality and reliability of our services will create lasting values for our clients, employees, shareholders and also the industry.



We provide express parcel services and deliver from Mumbai to Pan India.


2. Full Load Truck Services

We are offer Full Truck Load Service to our clients.


3. Part Load Truck Services

We are offer Part Truck Load Service to our clients for Pan India.


4. Door to Door Services

Blue Trans cargo And Logisticoffers door-to-door delivery services


Our Clients


Call Us : 022 2682 2832/2683 8999

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